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Capitalize on the European medical cannabis opportunity. Unparalleled access to revolutionary startups.

The government of Malta has committed 2.5 Million Euro (non-dilutive) to the TechforCann Europe Accelerator. 

We are currently raising additional capital from private investors and VCs. The funding supports seed-stage ancillary cannabis start-ups, offering investors diversified investment opportunities in the industry.

Our investors benefit from:

Access top performers
A winning portfolio of international, pre-vetted and innovating tech companies

50% More
Valuation based on non diluted funds from the government of Malta and a total initial investment of €200K while the direct private investment of ONLY €100K and first rights to further investments with preferred investment terms

Reduce Risk
Risk mitigation via diversification & predictable timelines, extensive due diligence process, increase probability of commercial success

Portfolio covers multiple verticals, ensures a broad spectrum of industry development

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