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TechforCann Europe Accelerator

The first tech based accelerator in Europe dedicated to the medical cannabis industry!

Refocus the medical cannabis industry – innovation and science. 

A unique opportunity is gaining momentum in the European medical cannabis space. 

As of April 2021, the Medical cannabis market in Europe alone was valued at almost 5 billion USD, and is expected to reach 13.5 billion by 2026. The global medical cannabis market is projected to grow at an annual rate of nearly 18% through 2028. 

The market for medical cannabis products in Europe is maturing, owing to the legalization in various markets ( (Data Bridge Market Research). Medicinal cannabis products are easy to find, and FDA approved cannabis based medicines are available – with many more in R&D and clinical stages. 

Clinical research is being conducted at leading universities and hospitals for conditions such as cancer, ADHD, epilepsy, PTSD, fibromyalgia, pain, autism, and more. 

Refocus the medical cannabis industry – innovation and science. 
The government of Malta has committed 2.5 Million Euros (non-dilutive) to establish the first tech accelerator specifically focused on medical cannabis innovation – supporting up to 20 innovative startups over 18 months.

Our mission
To lead the innovative medical cannabis ecosystem – so that more patients can benefit from this remarkable plant.

We believe
The cannabis industry must offer more products, processes and solutions that are clinically validated, safe, sustainable and cost-effective.

We know
Innovation is the answer to industry challenges that remain a barrier of entry to the sectors that will enable growth.

Our goal 
Identify and accelerate early stage IP based breaktrough companies resolving industry challenges with an ESG commitment and potential for exit/IPO. Invest in and support entrepreneurs in order to build an innovative,  legal, profitable and sustainable medical cannabis industry.

Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Dor

Head of General Medical Division and Medical Advisor of Cannabis Unit at Ministry of Health, Israel

Prof. Dedi Meiri
M.Sc, Ph.D

Principal Investigator, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Dr. Yakir Rottenberg

Head, Palliative Team, Hadassah – Hebrew University, Medical center, Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Eva Závadová
MD, Ph.D

Owner of a private immunology clinic in Prague. Previously Medizinische Universitat, Vienna. MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Alan Flashman,

CEO at Family Institute of Neve Yerushalyim.  Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy for Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families

Janice Vaughn Knox MD. MBA

Retired Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist, Endocannabinologist, Lecturer and educator on the physiology of the ECDome

Prof. Joseph Tam

Head of Metabolic Disorders Research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our Validation Pilot Partners

We welcome applications from entrepreneurs, strategic partners and investors!

Our Focus

We focus on early stage, IP/Tech-based solutions in the following areas:

Pharmaceuticals, delivery methods,  medical devices, digital health,  synthetic cannabinoids, formulations, testing, education, etc.

Digital Operations
Infrastructure (water, lighting), extraction, AI management/control, operational technology, ESG and supply chain efficiency, etc.

Precision Agriculture
Genetics, breeding tech, growing materials, AR/VR etc.

New Product Technologies
Innovations in the areas of wellness, beverages & edibles, topicals, veterinary, etc.

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